Ollie Blessed & Embellished Crystal Necklace

$ 200.00

The stones used in this piece are Green Obsidian, Baroque Pearl  and Opal. Green Obsidian is a goddess stone that resonates with Green Tara, the well-known Tibetan deity who gives protection and love to human beings. That’s why it’s considered among the purest stone that is able to soothe the heart and heal emotional wounds. Unlike other gemstones that come from the earth, Pearl is formed in mollusks that can be found in both fresh and salt water.Small foreign bodies, like grains of sand or small parasites, get inside the mollusk and form layers of pearly materials around it as defense. Layers in the Pearl build up just like the layers of an onion, creating concentric circles. This rare Baroque Pearl is from the 1930s. You can go about doing your everyday tasks knowing that protective energies surround you. Pearl is also known for its powerful calming effects and its ability to balance your aura.It will ground and center you no matter how chaotic your world gets. Opal is an emotional stone and helps to intensify emotions and release inhibitions. Sold with a delicate sterling chain and clasp wrapped with small opals. 

Measurement: 18" Sterling Chain/ 1/2" drop

My dear friend and partner...... Jewelry Artist in Residence Cherene Zito selects the gem stones and wire wraps these lovely one-ok-a-kind treasures. Cherene is a mystical woman who has designed and made healing jewelry for over 30 years. She has a deeply ingrained spiritual ritual that she follows from the time she sits to choose these vintage gem stones until the necklace is complete... She first smudges her space and herself with Sage and once the stones are chosen they are washed and purified with burned small resins of Sage, Dragon Blood, Frankincense, Amber and Copal. When all this is complete the necklace is bathed in 24 hour sunlight and moonlight and ready for the wearer to make their own imprint. The final result is a blending the the magic of blessed crystals and the healing power of love. I am her student and am thrilled to have her become an integral part of Suzanna's Dream Designs.

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Remember: "Where what heals you and be the light"...... Suzanna 

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