Mystical Chrysocolla Simple Gemstone Necklace or Bracelet

$ 120.00

Elegant hand picked Chrysocolla Gemstone necklace or bracelet. The stones are 2mm faceted roundels.

The peaceful and soothing vibes of the ocean reflect the Chrysocolla crystal properties, which help cool off fiery, hotheaded emotions as soon as it touches the skin. The best prescription for easing work-related stress, the Chrysocolla crystal reminds us to check out of everyday life and take some time to float down the Turquoise river of your inner spirit. The Chrysocolla crystal meaning and its connection to water, the very essence of life, is a gentle yet powerful addition to your daily wellness routine. So light a candle, get out your sage sticks and reconnect to miraculous healing benefits of water--the origins of life on earth--with the Chrysocolla crystal.

Measurement - 35" Necklace


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