Understanding LinkedIn

I am thrilled to tell you about this fabulous class. We all need guidance in managing our own digital marketing and I have found the perfect person in Elissa Jane Mastel, the Empress of Marketing at ChillMedia U. Contact her at:
Even though it was our first class and we were limited to 2 hours I learned a great deal about this channel called LINKEDIN and about myself.

What I learned about LINKEDIN:

1. If you are looking for a job, pitching a workshop format, selling your skills or just wanting to get an important answer to a work specific question this is the site for you.
2. It is the premier B2B Social Networking Site. 
3. You can create a Business Page (They require you have an email in your business name). 
4. Your dynamic resume page is unlimited. You can trick out you colorful language. Your page can be interactive and utilize graphics and multi-media.
5. You are empowered to manage your personal branding.
6. You can incorporate different skills to showcase your many talents.

MOST IMPORTANT!!!  You are going to engage in real networking with High Level Executives and High Performers in your field. This is not a Facebook channel where you connect and hang with your friends.

I have just begun my new journey inspired by my wonderful daughter's Master Class last week so keep an eye on my process. I intend to keep myself busy designing creative corporate workshops and writing a book about that girl of mine. I finally feel I have the outer and inner support I need to move to the next level.

Love all you beautiful Angels... Shine you light brightly and let us all pray for peace